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Notch Cycling
Last Month
Users for Notch Cycling
Aug 11-17
6,716 users (↑9%)
Aug 4-10
6,152 users
Last Week
Audience overview for Notch Cycling
Users ↑26%
Sessions ↑73%
Bounces ↓51%
Duration ↓77%
Yesterday, Notch Cycling had 216 users. That's 14% better than last Tuesday.

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Audience overview for ️ Notch Cycling
Users ↑26%
Sessions ↑73%
Bounces ↓51%
Duration ↓77%
Yesterday, Notch Cycling had 241 users. That's 26% better than last Wednesday.
Aug 15
241 users (↑26%)
Aug 8
192 users
Active users overview for Notch Cycling
Last month, Notch Cycling had 4,425 monthly active users. That's 12% better than the previous month.
Nov 1-30
148 daily users (↑111%)
1,584 weekly users (↑12%)
4,425 monthly users (↑12%)
Oct 1-31
70 daily users
1,409 weekly users
3,938 monthly users

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Yesterday, Notch Cycling had 220 sessions. That's 26% better than last Tuesday.

Wow, our first big spike this month!

Let's dig into the details before standup.
Pageviews for Notch Cycling
Aug 11-17
5,856 pageviews (↑7%)
Aug 4-10
5,461 pageviews

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Ads Clicks for Notch Cycling
Last week, Notch Cycling had 4,466 ads clicks. That's 13% worse than the previous week.
Aug 11-17
4,466 clicks (↓13%)
Aug 4-10
5,141 clicks
Adsense Revenue for Notch Cycling
Last week, Notch Cycling had $1,900.60 Adsense revenue. That's 2x better than the previous week.
Aug 11-17
$1,900.60 revenue (↑97%)
Aug 4-10
$960.20 revenue

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DV360 Impressions for Notch Cycling
Mar 1-31
10,867 impressions (↑33%)
Feb 1-28
8,184 impressions

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